Investigative journalism at King’s

KING'S FALLThe University of King’s College, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is nationally known for its programs in investigative and data journalism.  At the graduate level, King’s offers a master of journalism, with concentrations in either investigative data journalism or entrepreneurial journalism.   As part of King’s two undergraduate programs, a four-year and an intensive one-year post-baccalaureate program, King’s offers the annual investigative workshop.  Students in the workshop spend six weeks researching and writing a major investigative story, which is then co-published with a media partner.  The students have been honoured with national and international award nominations.

The packages include:

2009–Toxic Legacy: The story of Boat Harbour   Nominated for the CAJ student investigative journalism award

2010–VLTs, Nova Scotia’s Billion Dollar Gamble   Winner of the CAJ student investigative journalism award

2011–902911, an investigation of crime and social conditions in Halifax   Nominated for a global data journalism award.

2012–Cashing In, The Story of PEI’s failed immigration policy   Nominated for a National Newspaper Award

2013–Warehoused, Nova Scotia’s broken promises on housing people with intellectual disabilities  Nominated for a CAJ investigative journalism award

2014–Burned, Unequal fire protection in the amalgamated Halifax region